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Thread: North Coaster

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    North Coaster

    Howdy from north central Ohio near the shores of beautiful Lake Erie.
    Just want to say thanks to all who make this site such a informative and fun place to hang.
    I am a property owner and spend most of my time hanging around in different spots of my woods. Hope to have the opportunity to travel some soon. Enjoy doing DIY projects and learning and sharing tips and tricks for "smoothing it" in the woods.

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    looks like you have some cool spots to hang.
    welcome to HammockForums and hey from high point nc.
    there is a ton of stuff here to read, learn and ask about.
    if it's hammock related it's here or still waiting to be invented.
    hang on and have fun.

    home is where your hammock is.

    CLICK HERE to add your name to the world wide H F member location list. And Thank You!


    " just jump in where you can and hang on!" - briscoe darling

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    Thanks Flatline.
    Being a static camper, my main interest at the moment is in caring for my tarps(cleaning and re-treating). That set-up in the pic was up for over two months straight last summer. I gave it a soak in the tub this past winter but it still has a few sap stains etc. Want to try spraying it with "Camp Dry" or similar to re-waterproof it.
    Made my first couple of Whoopies this week and have some webbing on order to try my hand at stitching up a few tree straps.

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