Received the webbing from Strapworks today.

I really like this webbing.

Strapworks rates it at 3,500 lbs which is real overkill, but it is real nice stuff. Not as stiff as the 1" seatbelt webbing I got from them and easier to work with, sew etc. It feels to be little thinner than the 1" stuff. Weighed both the 1" and the 1.5" I have:

  1. 1" -- 20' 5", 5.35 oz, 0.262 oz/ft
  2. 1.5 -- 27' 3" (I ordered 25' so they sent me a bonus ), 7.30 oz, 0.268 oz/ft

The weight difference isn't great because the 1.5" stuff is thinner. The thinness make it more supple in the hand.

The extra 1/2" width will benefit the trees.

I had been using the Harbor Freight yellow straps and really didn't like the color. This seat belt webbing from Strapworks is black. Much better. The harbor Freight straps I have weigh 0.226 oz.ft. So the Strapworks 1.5" seat belt webbing is slightly heavier, making 2 5' tree huggers a little under 1/2 oz heavier. Still I like the 1.5" seat belt webbing much more.

I didn't have Strapworks sew the loops for me because I decided to sew custom loops like I saw somewhere else on the forums. I have seen the same thing done in the polyester straps used for towing cars.

The webbing in the loops is folded in half and sewn so that the webbing is doubled. By folding in half, I mean fold both sides towards the middle, meeting in the middle and then sew flat. The loops are then sewn. I like the crossed box stitches for the loops.

That makes the webbing in the loops 3/4" wide and easier to use in the carabiner and SMC ring I use. Also, I think that may make the loops even stronger. Not as much concerned about strength as I am making it easier to use the carabiner and SMC ring. I girth hitch one or both end loops to the ring and the narrower loop material makes the girth hitch easier to do.