Hello, I apologize if this has been asked before. I searched and searched, but there are so many variations of these A vs. B questions that it seems like a wild goose hunt!

I am about to purchase a WBBB 1.0 DL. I am trying to get my head wrapped around the differences between the MacCat Standard and the WB Edge tarps, besides the obvious. I'll try to lay out my thoughts here, and I would love anyone with experience using either or both of these tarps with the BB to chime in. Thanks!

P.S. Both of these would be in SilNylon, not Spinn, or Cuben, or anything else. Call me cheap.

MacCat Standard:
Slightly Smaller than the Edge
No Ridgeline Necessary
Plastic Corner Tie Outs
Nicer Edge Finishing? (Can someone detail this for me?)

The Edge:
Slightly Larger
Is a ridgeline necessary? (I'm not sure)
Metal Tie-Outs
Add-On Doors for Purchase Separately if desired

I'm sure either will be just fine for my 3 season use, but I'm just curious about what the differences will be.

Anything else I am missing? I'm a complete noobie, so any help would be greatly appreciated.