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    Dutch in Wikipedia

    I have been spending a little time at Wikipedia updating the article there on hammock camping. I even managed to give a mention to Dutch's Tarp Flyz, along with Triangle Thingies, Whoopie Slings, 2QZQ mod, Dutch Clips, self-tensioning line and even SnakeSkins. Please feel free to check out and improve the article. If anyone here is a contributor there I tried to get the graphic from Whoopieslings (the cool one showing the basic hammock setup) on there but even with their permission to use Wiki is really hard to work with when dealing with copyright. Could use some help.

    The article is at

    And to finally give a little respect to Dutch from all of us, you may want to check out,

    Yep, I think Dutch has been such an innovator here he deserves to be immortalized. Personally, I don't want to made immortal through my work, I want to be made immortal through not dying.
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