Jeff and everyone else. Just to let you know that the tarp tensioners you show on your website Jeff using the slingshot replacement tubing is far more expensive than what I found today.

I had reason to go into a local Hospital Supply store and asked if they sold Latex Rubber Tubing by the foot. They did and it ranged in size from 1/16 inch walled stuff to 1/8 inch. From 1/4 ID down to 1/8 ID. Price was 1.15 per foot for the 1/4 ID X 1/16 wall.

So bottom line is check around you just might find a cheaper price. I picked up 6 feet and will have plenty of tensioners for the future. Check out your own local Pharmacy or Hospital Supply stores for some bargains and odds are also probably that the Latex is fresher. It does dry-rot and is not UV resistant.