Hello! I have been browsing awhile now and thought I would introduce myself....

I am from Wichita, Kansas. I am 27, and started getting into biking seriously when I was about 24. I decided to quit smoking, and I needed something to burn off some stress. (Also, I had an extra hour of time to "burn" a day, so I had to fill it with something!)

Well, this led to me being interested in bike-touring. I have chosen to go the camping route rather than the credit card route, and have rather enjoyed many campsites over the years much more than I ever would some terribly over-priced hotel. And, I have had a few nights that I would probably trade in! (Like the night I slept in a ditch, exausted from trying to find the campsite that ended up being about 1/8 mile away! Sheesh....)

I have done a few trips. One from Wichita to the middle of Missouri where I learned what it is like to make every mistake probable including choosing heavy gear, not preparing for the weight properly, cooking very bland food that made me blow all my money from days 6-8 on yummy greasy local food, and probably more stuff that I cannot remember!

Then I did a trip the next year from Steamboat Springs to Salida, Colorado on my mountain bike with my girlfriend. For this trip, I cut probably 6 or 7 lbs. on the sleeping system alone...and there were two of us! Although the altitude negated that advantage rather well, leaving our Kansas lungs heaving for O2 that wasn't there...and we just kept climbing for almost the whole time!

The last trip was through Missouri again, but this time along a rail-trail with my mom. It was awesome to have my mom as my touring partner, as it really strengthened our bond...I am sure you understand.

But the last time I was feeling guilty about being gone so long, and my schedule is giving me two days off at a time, so this is what brings me to hammocking! I am looking to do overnighters where I ride about 50 miles, set up my hammock and sleep, then get up and ride back. This way, I am just gone for the evening, night, and morning...

So, I am trying to go as light as possible! Anyway, that is me, and I appriciate you taking the time to read about what brought me to hammocking. I have plenty of questions as I develop my system, and I am excited to be able to get advice from some people who know what they are doing...Thanks!