For those not aware, Washington Coast Savers is a non-profit organization organizes clean up day on the entire Washington coast with the help of volunteers who pick up trash.
Additionally there are events along the Oregon and California coast. So really, potentially volunteers flock to the entire Pacific coast of the US just to pick up trash.
Earlier in the year i made a post for partners for a spring hang, and clean up. Additionally i made a post at
Well just 4 decided to show.

Anyway, ya all missed two rare consecutive days of sunshine on the Coast of Washington.
I packed in a box of 25 thirty three gallon trash bags on Friday and there was just four left over on Sunday

Looks like i overloaded my trash hauling stick

Now i'm not claiming that the 4 of us put that much trash in the dumpster, there were plenty of day hikers who helped haul trash. Thanks to all who helped.