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    Quote Originally Posted by Protoman View Post
    Congrats on the new gear, but you know what they say... Pics or it didn't happen.

    The wife just got hers yesterday, but I ended up using it more than her

    Ahhh the pic law. I am waiting for the gardener to come and mow before dragging the Vario lab out to the back lawn. The WBBB gots those pesky tie outs and so it will not work under the patio like the Traveler. I intend to kill more birds with one pic stone session...also been "experimenting" with Nite-Ize 5mm adjustable bungies (regular garden variety bungies too) as part of my tarp attachment system on the Vario. Soon the whole shebang will get another motorcycle luggage delivered piney woods test.

    Mrs Law Dawg (ret) has already commented on how much she liked the HG set up...our situations might end up being reversed.

    Quote Originally Posted by dragon360 View Post
    A wide 3S burrow sounds perfect. The length of regular would by fine for me but i wanted a little more in the width and so I too am watching this thread with interest.
    That will be solved later as I am weighing between the WB L/W TQ and an upgraded Burrow for my next purchase. The Incubator was a much more simple decision because of almost no competition ('cept the Jacks).
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