forgiveness if this topic lies elsewhere... I realize the term "best" is highly subjective so Im going to only ask what others think is the best hammock to mate with a No Sniveller quilt. I realize the NS is made for a Hennessy but I dont own a HH!
I tried my darndest to use the NS as an UQ on a Travell Hammock (ultralight) but kept getting large air gaps when laying on the diagonal. I dont think this hammock is very good for an UQ setup. I even sewed some grosgrain loops to aid in hanging the NS - and used the JrB suspension kit - no dice.

SO now, Im looking for a decent hammock, and thinking of these top contenders:
1) ENO single w/ netting
2) Clark Ultra
3) Warbonnet! arrrgh!

I really only want a netted, top entry style so I can add a Maccat seperately- but the Clark seems to be nice in the respect of having a top entry and a removeable tarp... will the NS fit the Clark Ultra?

*note, I dont care for the bridge hammock, only because Im trying to keep the weight of the whole shebang under 2.5 lbs. Also, HH is not my choice (dont care for the "birth canal" entrance.) Picky picky, I know.