I canít think of a better 100th post than to share a couple pics and my experience at Shi Shi Beach from this last weekend.

I met up with Hulk for the beach clean-up at Shi Shi Beach on Saturday. I unfortunately couldnít be there on Friday, due to account of work, so I didnít get to help with the clean-up as much as I would have liked, but I did have a great time.

I got to test out a couple of new things that Iíve been looking forward too, including my 3-Season Incubator and Burrow. I also had some new down booties since my feet froze during the winter hang we had several months ago. I also got to cook up some Spaghetti that I dehydrated (Thanks Bablefish5). It was delicious!

I slept better than ever before in my hammock during this trip. I have always been comfortable, but never have I got such a nice sound sleep in the middle of the woods, or next to a loud beach.

Here are a couple pics:
This is part of the 2 mile path to Shi Shi Beach:

Here I am standing on the beach:

And some pictures of my new setup:

I think there was a lot of great effort for this last beach cleanup and look forward to doing it again next year. I will be sure to take Friday off for it next time too. I donít believe the next one will end up being on Easter weekend next year, so I hope to see a lot more people out there.

Thanks Hulk!