If you are looking for a place to set up your hammock in the Gila Wilderness of New Mexico... well, there are many places that will do. But, this place is one of my favorites.

Destination: Jordan Hot Springs
Hike: a 14 + mile lolly pop loop hike, 6 + miles in and 8+ miles out
Water crossings: about 40 total

We drove over from Tucson on Friday night, stopping for dinner at Jalisco Cafe (Yum!) in Silver City before heading through the Gila NF to the Scorpion Campgrounds. Hit the trail on Saturday mid-morning. It's about 2 miles of exposed uphill before dropping into Little Bear Canyon, where the magic starts to happen. The canyon walls close in and soon you are at the junction with the Middle Fork of the Gila River. Continued up stream and got to Jordan at around 2:30. Set up camp amongst the ponderosa pines and boxelder trees. Then headed over to soak in the hot springs. Had a fantastic dinner of fajitas. The star gazing is pretty awesome here. Sunday, we packed up and headed back to the cars. Perfect weather, awesome place.

the cliffs along the middle fork of the gila river

this weekend's setup

river crossing

jordan hot spring

gila hot springs, very hot, only .25ish miles from the visitor center