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    Quote Originally Posted by bear bag hanger View Post
    I was considering ordering one of Ron's hammocks, then he reorganized and didn't bring it back. I liked the light weight of his hammock, combined with a side entry and zipper. I was unsure of how well the bug net hung, his pictures always showed the person inside holding the sides of the hammock out with his hands. He couldn't use a ridge line because Tom Hennessey likes to let other hammock builders know about his patents. I also wasn't wild about the yellow color, which was the only color available at the time. I'm not sure he produced more than a handful of them before his reorganization.

    I have ordered other stuff from him, always found the wait time to receive things a little long, even after his reorganization. I ordered a poncho/tarp and it took a little over three months.
    I just order some rain mitts from him and I recieved them in a few days, they look sweet and weigh just about nothing.

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    Thumbs up Alright, here's the lowdown!

    I just called Ron from MLD, and he was more than willing to answer all my questions regarding the hammocks...

    The long and short of it is that he has plenty to do, and the hammock is on the backburner for now. Understandable! He and I then spent a few minutes talking about what I could do with my plans...very nice and knowledgeable! Support the man!

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