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I prefer using a quilt in a hammock or a bag opened up like a quilt, especially if using a HH. Getting in a sleeping bag while inside a HH is not fun.

As far as bags go, I really like Western Mountaineering and they have a new line of bags that have little or no insulation on the bottom and also has a sleeve for a pad.
Getting into a Hennessy wearing a Rock Wren is like falling out of (or rather into) bed. Unzip the Wren and pull it over your head or step through the open bottom and stick your arms out of the arm holes. Pull the hood over your head and "hike" the bag up above your butt a little. Step into the hammock slit and sit down. Lie back, position yourself diagonally, and reach down and close the drawstring bottom. If it is cold, pull your arms inside, I don't close the arm hole zippers unless it is really cold. This bag and a JRB Nest is a sweet setup. There is about a 4-5oz weight penalty over a topquilt, but I think the bag is a bit warmer than a quilt so it is a toss up IMO.