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Thread: Trade/Barter?

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    Trade/Barter Complete

    Made the trade (W/ G.L.P.) What a great Forum!

    Any DIY'er interested?

    2 - 10" Continuous Loops (to attach toggles to a hammock)
    1 - 18" to 20" Continuous Loop (Tree Strap extender)
    4 - STL's (Self Tensioning Lines)

    Have to Trade:
    1- Large Guyot Design silicone food grade Squishy bowl
    1 - Small Guyot Design Silicone food grade Squishy mug.
    2 - Simblissity Sil Shoulder strap pockets, old style, 1/4 oz ea.
    Sil pocket (to carry camera, GPS, etc.) and an outer net pocket
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    I'm much to young to feel this Dang old!

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