the girlfriend and i went on a day hike up Spearfish Canyon in Black Hills of S.D. yesterday, it was a nice warm day (mid 50"s) and the sun was shinning the whole day

when we got to the top of the trail we got on a forest service road that was more out in the open than the rest of the trail, the snow was between 2-3 feet deep, after about 10 steps we heard what we thought was a gunshot pass overhead, the only hunting season going on right now is spring turkey, which would mean shotguns and this sounded like a rifle round, anyways we walked another 30 feet and heard another "shot" needless to say we were both a bit freaked, once you can understand maybe a stray bullet, but twice makes you think someone is taking aim at you, after a few more steps it happened again but this time i saw the small line in the snow right in front of me along with the sound and realize it was the snow shifting, i was amazed how far and loud the shifting was, these thin "shifting lines" were 20-40 yards long and quite loud, this was happening on fairly flat ground, kinda neat after we realized what it was

this continued most of the afternoon and we got used to it, but the first couple time it was very unnerving

just wonder if anyone else has experienced this?

here's a couple photos of the day, none out on the road where this occurred tho
mms_picture (1).jpg

mms_picture (2).jpg