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    Single to a Double ?

    I have a 10yr old son that loves hiking/camping and we're planning our first real outting this year. I have everthing needed for both of us, but I'd rather hang than be a ground dweller. So... My objective is to get my son hangin' too.

    In Idaho we can have temps in the 70's during the day, but in the 30's at night and it's eary how you can have mosquitos come out, only to die off a night, only to reappear the next day. So... with these issues, so some sort of insulation and bug netting is a must.

    With my limited thread-injector experience, I figured making him a simple double layer gathered hammock seems easy enough, but the idea of attaching a bug net is more than I'm ready to tackle at this point. And... I want a double layer so we can use CCF between the layers for insulation.

    What I was considering is purchasing something like a skeeter-beeter, then attaching a 2nd layer of ripstop on the underside.

    My other option is to make the hammock and then purchase a separate net like the one used on the Warbonnet Traveler.

    Any thoughts, comments or suggestions anyone might have would be appreciated.
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