I've been lurking on HF for a while and i recently pulled the trigger on a WBBB dl 1.0, to be used for a SOBO AT thru (yay!).

Totally love the hammock but i'm having bottom insulation angst. I want the option to go to ground or use shelters etc. so initially i was going to use a gossamer gear ThinLight.

Reconsidering since so many of ya'll swear by the UQs... For a thru it seems there would be a small weight penalty, a large jump in comfort and packability, but a decrease in versatility. Also, if that thing gets wet, i'm toast!

Wondering who's done an AT thru with a hammock, what setup they used, and what weight UQ (e.g. summer vs. 3S) would be most appropriate, how you would have done it differently, etc.

Leaning towards a TeWa at the moment but still not divorced from the pad idea. Any input welcome!