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    Roan Highlands Adventure on the AT

    This is one trip not to be missed. I did this trip last May with four other people and we had a great time out on the trail. I am not going into detail about this section of the AT. Only because it is something that one has to see for ones self. I will say that this is not for beginners. This section of the AT can be hard if one is not in shape. So please make sure that if you want to do this trip that you are able to hike 8 to12 miles a day. Elevation ranges from 3000ft to 6300ft. We will be starting the hike at 19E in Tennessee and heading south along the AT and ending at UNCLE JOHNNY'S outfitters. We will be covering about 50 miles. Considered by many to be the most beautiful section of the entire Appalachian Trail, the Roan Highlands is a series of several mountain balds. The backpacking will be somewhat strenuous because of the distances and elevation changes. However we are certainly not going to rush through it. Instead we will really savor the 360 degree views that we will encounter on the way.

    What to bring:
    tent or hammock
    sleeping bag
    sleeping pad
    water filter
    trekking poles
    six days of food
    and a good Attitude

    We will be meeting at Uncle Johnny's outfitters at 12 noon. the price of the shuttle is around 20 dollars per person. make sure you bring cash.

    I live in atl and plan on leaving the area at 7am. if you live in the atl area and want share the expense for carpooling let me know when you respond.

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    forgot to add the dates for this trip. May 24th-29th

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    Sounds like fun. I'd try to make it but I have my vacation the following week. Heading from Deep Gap to NOC. Can't wait! Hope you guys have a blast!
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    I hope you have fun on your trip. are yougoing to the hammock hang next weekend in hot springs?

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