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    1st set-up quick questions


    I will be ordering my first set-up soon (after months of reading this site and watching videos- thanks for all the info) and had a few specific questions about some options:

    I'll be buying a Warbonnet Dbl 1.7 BB. About how much weight would I save getting and installing an "all-in-one" whoopie sling system?

    I'm torn between the big Mamajamba tarp with door kit or the Superfly. 3 season only, and probably 95% summer. Thoughts?

    I'm also interested in a single continous ridgeline system; it intrigues me because it looks like you can "open the roof" to stare at the stars on nice nights, but close up quickly if it rains. Thoughts?

    Anybody ever try as a insulation during summer season? I have most of a roll left from last years remodeling project.

    Thank you all so much for this valuable resource

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    If you're considering doors on your tarp, I would personally go with the Superfly. I used mine (silnylon) in some really really nasty weather this April in the mountains of CT and NY.

    It was fantastic! Worth every penny!

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    hey bobqzzi,
    -i have a 1.7 dl bb, i replaced the adj strap susp w/whoopies simply for ease of adj. i can't speak to the wt. loss because i don't have a scale.
    -when i chose my tarp (superfly) i wanted a "do it all" with no removable parts. i really like my sf.
    -i use a cont. tarp RL and you can flap 1/2 of the roof to one side if you want to, or just put the RL up w/o a tarp.
    -i haven't used the insulation you asked about but it should be fine. you might even find it too warm for summer.
    -your own testing will be your best meter. try to find a place to do some test hang'n. maybe in the backyard. hang as often as you can and before you know it- you'll know it.

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    Thank you very much

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    I had the rare opportunity to try out both the spinn bmj and the sil sf, and the sf won hands down. It seemed to offer more coverage, even with the door kit on the bmj, and with the doors, the bmj was only 3 oz lighter, iirc. The SF also packed much better. I was looking for versatility, and I thought there may be times when I would pack the bmj without the doors. But even now in early summer, I'm finding that I like having the doors there -- could be psychological, but I just feel more secure from the elements. Although, in really nice weather, I pull the doors up and pitch in porch mode. The Superfly is truly a thing of beauty. Good luck.

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