You know, as I read through all the posts, I've discovered that I love reading the signatures (for those who have opted to include them) almost as much as the posts themselves. Many are straight-forward; some are kind of cryptic (resnikov, if you're reading this, I want an explanation--I'm fascinated); all are an intriguing insight into each of our hangers. My question is this: out of all the things in the world that you could have used as a signature, why did you choose the one that you did? Obviously it has significance to you, otherwise you wouldn't have chosen it to be the last thing that we read.

Mine is pretty stupid. Last summer (before I knew this forum existed) I decided to make a make-shift hammock out of a bed sheet. I'm 6'4", and my feet extended a foot over the knot end. As I was "relaxing", my 7 year old son came tearing through our campsite, saw me, ground to a halt and stared horrified for a couple of seconds, then said "You're gonna need a bigger hammock!" And then he was gone. It was exactly like one of my favorite lines from the movie JAWS (where he sees the shark for the first time and realizes just what they're up against)--"Your gonna need a bigger boat!" It was such a dead-on likeness, that at first I thought he was actually alluding to the movie (which of course is a ridiculous thought because (a) his daddy would kill him for watching a movie a 7 year old has no business watching, and (b) I would have known because he would no longer be taking baths (or even stomping in puddles)). Every time I look at a hammock now, I think of my son's face as he says... (see below)