From my perspective; sure many pieces and parts of things we purchase somehow originate in China, I suppose that's unavoidable. And, certainly many final products are fully assembled and shipped whole from China. That too is going to always happen; but like even our myopic auto industry, now including all those well established Japanese manufacturers slowly realized that built in 'merica meant something. This China thing is altogether more vexing and eventually more dangerous to our lifestyle (esp. environmentally, yes that means hammocking in the great outdoors) than any other threat which we can basically control. We control it by spending our $ in industry that benefits from the end product, at least in some form of profit. When I received my Canadian Hennessy Hammock and it said "Made in China," I was mighty disappointed; I wish Tom disclosed that straight up. There are going to be many subsequent posts that say this digression is inappropriate in this forum; too political; not germain, can't avoid it anyhow: You asked, I'm replying: Let's see how buying our stuff from China is affecting our life in a year, or so, down the pike. This is not about avoiding Thailand, Pakistan, the Phillipines, etc. this about specifically doing my best to boycott China and making informed decisions.