My wife and I recently received our 3 season UQ and I must say they are awesome. We've already had them down to 30 degrees with no problems. The only strange thing that I noticed was that when we got them I put them on the scale and they both weighed in at about 3oz over the rated weight. And they weren't overstuffed. Her quilt is a 3/4 and mine is the full. When we ordered them the website only had a 900 fill option and I wonder if thats where the extra ozs came from. It's really no big deal..... I was just wondering if anyone had any thoughts on it. I know I could just contact them for the answer but I know they are busy and where is the fun in that. Also on a lighter note I read somewhere on the forums that someone had made fun of someones 3/4 UQ calling it a since my wife has one I thought I would use that term on her this past weekend. So in morning wake-up conversation I let her have it....and without wasting a sec she replied "Well at least mine isn't a maxipad!!!". Hmm talk about a backfire!!!!