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    Linville Gorge May 20-22

    Although I have never been, I have seen and read nothing but wonderful things about the Gorge and have done my share of talking it up to all my friends. Well, in a couple weekends I am taking my first trip out there and I'm bringing a couple of these friends.

    Since there are a few of you who are experts with this land I was hoping yall could toss out some tips (day hikes!) and maybe ideas where we should set up! Only two of us are hangers so we will have at least a tent or two.
    We plan to start in Friday afternoon and leave Sunday when we feel like.
    Thanks in advance for any tips guys!

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    I think you'll like it. I've been there numerous times, although usually car camping with a buddy. Shug also did a series of videos recently on a trip there if you haven't seen them.

    If you've got time, I recommend an evening on top of Hawksbill Mountain - I love it up there.

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