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    Haven't had a chance to get out since I have posted, I will try warbonnetguy's advice, maybe I am lieing on too much of a diagonal.
    I like metric, I use metric, for those of you who don't ... you should, for those of you who won't ... here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cannibal View Post
    They are no longer adjustable. I don't think they have been since he started offering the down versions instead of the synthetic. I like my adjustable Yeti too! You could always make it adjustable. Just need some shockcord and a STRONG cord lock.
    I did not know that! ( channeling Johnny Carson ) And here I am always telling folks to adjust their Yeti's tighter!

    Of course, like you say, it should be a simple enough mod. Or, just using some cord find a way to stretch it/attache it further towards the end of the hammock on one end.

    moved my own "hijack" to another thread! Sorry!
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    the cord comes pretty tight (stock), and it is fixed length, with no cordlock to adjust. i can't see it needing to be tightened much. it should be fairly tight as is... this makes it more stable.

    as goes for any underquilt having shockcord running through the sides, if you lay with your head right at the edge of the hammock, you're gonna have to share room with the shockcord. if you pull the edge of the underqulilt up, you should be able to position it above your head. you can also usually get the same lay by scooting your upper torso away from the edge slightly, and then it won't be in the way anymore.

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