And there isn't much information, unfortunately.

Everybody gushes about 1/4" Evazote, (sold by GG and JRB), but user experiences vary all over the place. One guy says he takes 1/4" Evazote into the 20's, while another freezes at 50*f and someone else posts a spreadsheet, devoid of supporting data, that states it is only good to 57*f.

Then we have people talking about Minicell and Landau Foams, but nobody posts their user experiences. So I can only conclude that both foams suck.

The only moderately useful posts are the ones where somebody takes a regular ground pad and modifies it for hammock use. Either with the SPE or some clever cutting and sewing. Mainly because most of us have ground sleeping experience with the cheap CCF and also because they are easily available and cheap to experiment with.

My point is that for a noob, looking for data to determine the Good, Better, and Best pad system is a waste of time. It's a total crap shoot.

Or am I wrong?