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Thanks again for the tips guys, I really have not been making stuff enough to feel I needed a machine, but it was free, so why not. I think I need to replace the pedal, it has no variable speed, it's either off....or wide open. I opened the pedal and see where the arm that makes the contacts as you press the pedal down drops away from the contact points until it reaches the last one, then makes contact again. Explains the off or wide open scenario. What could I expect to pay for a replacement pedal, and do they all work about the same?
No, there are several different types. The biggest difference is going to be the way that it plugs into the machine. What you've got is a Japanese clone of a Singer. You MAY be able to use a Singer pedal that fits the machine that yours is a copy of. Those Japanese machines are keepers. They aren't worth anything, but they are built like tanks.