Hello there,
I’ve been hammock camping actually since 1970 in the Republic of Viet Nam. But when I located in Colorado in 1976 I sort of gave up on it as a practical way to sleep outdoors (at 10,000 ft and above): Too darn cold!
So…I slept on the ground but kept a GI 1966 jungle hammock in the gear for when the sun was shining and the wind was not an issue. I was always searching for an answer to sleeping on a nylon sheet, exposed 360o to the elements. I bought an extra-long down sleeping bag with a full length zipper to put over my hammock with marginal success.
Ultimately, I went to ground until, oh: 2004, when the internet gave me access to “Southern Paddler” and “Sgt Rock” websites.
From there I accessed a website by “Climber 11”, Shane Bryan, a.k.a. “Mirage” and “Kickass Quilts”. That gave me enough inspiration to make my own under-quilt and buy a Hennessy hammock to try out. I sleep under my “Super Kazoo”
It’s all been gravy from there on out.
I registered with Hammock Forums to see what’s up and improve my home made hammock stand, which is getting weathered badly on my back porch.
I camp with the grandkids in the summer and hunt in September when elk season rolls around.
Thanks for the forum,