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    Quote Originally Posted by Habitat View Post
    I have two similar ones handed down from a family member...i believe they were used during the vietnam war. I've stitched the holes and have used them ground camping many a time but always figured them to be too heavy and non-packable for backpacking...maybe a car camping trip? How'd you take the down out without making a crazy mess LOL? I get one hole in the thing and it's raining feathers everywhere ahahahahah
    I first ripped out all the baffles by pulling on both sides of the bag until I heard it ripping and then just worked my way up until I was confident that I had ripped it loose. Then did the dame for the rest of them. Using caution not to rip the outer fabric, if you do rip it, just pin it to limit loss. Then I took out the stitching from just the bottom of the bag. I then and tied the opening shut with cord. I shook all the feathers to the bottom and put the garbage bag around the bottom. Released the the cord and slowed pulled the feathers into the bag. I did have some loss but not much. What i did loose I just swept up, I did presweep to prevent dirt getting it.

    I have heard of the shop vac method but my shop vac is so nasty that theres no way im putting feathers in it! And im way to lazy to clean it out.

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    Military makes good stuff. I have a bivy bag I've used in my hammock a few times to up the rating of my quilt.

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