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    Speer hammock stand question?

    Hey there,
    I'm going to go ahead and build 3 speer type hammock stands in my bedroom for me and my two boys. We all want to hang instead of using the beds. Yes, I am single (lol). I am going to go ahead and build 3 of the speer type stands. Was wondering something. I want to use wood instead of piping so that it will look a bit better. Do you think replacing the 1" piping with 4x4" beams would be okay. The 4x4's would replace everything. I need something more permanent and wouldn't need to transport. Would have two bolts at each connector so that I could dis-assemble.

    Thanks--- earplug
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    4x4s will certainly be strong enough. My concern would be getting the joints tight enough so there is no wobble. Making it so you can disassemble it will exacerbate the loosey-goosey potential.

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