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    Loving the mason's line!

    I should start this off by saying that I'm not a moron--just cheap and lazy. I've been using 550 paracord as guy lines because (a) I had it on hand, and (b) I wanted to set up a tarp NOW. The tarp is a harbor freight poly thing (heavy as a bowling ball) so weight was obviously not an issue. And actually, the paracord has a nice, reassuring bite to it that gives me a sense of security for my adjustable grip hitches. My only realized problem was that black and olive drab paracord is a little too stealthy, and that a clod/ oaf (which I am) could easily find himself tripping over his guy lines even in broad daylight (which I do). But when I found myself in Lowe's with just under $5 left over from a project, and stumbled on to some bright pink mason's line, I decided to purchase it and swap out the paracord guy lines.

    I know I started this thread by saying I am not a moron--I will have to recant that. It rained for three days straight a month or two ago, so I ran outside to set up the tarp to see how it would hold up to wind and rain. When the weather cleared, and the tarp dried off. I wrapped my paracord guy lines in a figure eight, and snugged them nice and tight. They were still damp, and when the dried they were like steel coils--the adjustable grip hitch was doing a ton of gripping and no adjusting (I about lost three fingernails and as many teeth getting the paracord untied (they grow back, right?). I replaced the paracord with the mason's line, tied my adjustable grip hitch and tested it out. Loop adjustment was slippery as an eel (which had me worried), but when I let go of the hitch and pulled the line it was like tugging on a bowline; it wouldn't budge. Grabbed the hitch and tested the adjustment again--eel-like. SWEET!

    It wasn't until I was storing the tarp and guy lines that I realized that I truly am a moron. While weight is not an issue with me, the paracord was bulky and annoying; I just hadn't realized it. With the Mason's line, it's like it isn't even there--tucks right in with my tensioners, and saves TONS of space. I can't believe I waited this long to do a $5 dollar fix.
    (actually, it's not that hard to believe... I'm a moron ).
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