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    Colorado Trail Seg 1 W to E

    I'm planing to hike a portion of Seg 1 of the Colorado Trail from the South Platte River to West Bear Creek ~5.8miles.
    This would be an overnite out and back hang nothing epic just trying to get my legs in shape and messing with my hammock gear.

    For those that have not hiked the first 4 segments of the CT this is the perfect time of year with daytime temps mid 60's,
    nighttime temps low 40's. No mosquito's, no biting flies this time of year.

    A few details: The first 3 miles of this trail is a killer climb. Elevation gained out of the canyon is 1330ft over ~3 miles.
    Once on top of the canyon rim its basicly flat and you are hiking thru a thick pine forest. I usually hangout at the top
    and bushwack up and down the canyon to snap photos of the river and valley then have lunch before heading into the forest.

    View of the river from the climb.

    Next weekend(May 14-15) would work for me. Long range forecast is good for that weekend.

    New Colorado members,
    I have spare hammocks, pads, SB, tarps, backpacks, cook kits you name it.
    So please don't let gear stop you from coming.

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