Hello all. Just signed up here, been on the backpacker mag site for years and the whiteblaze for a few months. I tried a Hennesy Exp. Asym several years ago and just could net get comfortable in. I really wanted to love it but gave up pretty quickly. I tested several sleeping options and currently have as a set up, a SMD Lunar Duo and Solo, BA IAC pad and an Exped Downmat 9 for cold temps. I also have several WM and Montbell sleeping bags.

OK, after seeing Bearpaws set up on whiteblaze I am really thinking of trying out (I will give it more time this time) the Warbonet Blackbird 1.1 double and a WB superfly tarp. I should mention I had a weight lifting accident 4-5 years ago that gives me reoccuring lower back issues. Comfort is most important to me, price is not a big concern for the set up I really want.

Anyway, glad to be here and look forward to your insight and experience on all things Hammock.