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    If your looking for size then the WBBB is the way to go. I did a little research for you.

    HH Explorer Deluxe - 108''x 56'' 3lb 3oz or
    Clark NX-250 - 108'' x 50.25'' 3lb 10oz
    WBBB - 120'' x 65'' 2lb 5oz

    All have great, very different features and you hear very little complaints from the owners of each. Good luck with your decision.
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    I have slept in Hennessy and Clark. Bought a Clark NA for its features and simplicity. Was getting too confused with "extras" -- totally satisfied with Clark. Been through cold, wind storm, RAIN, and almost no trees to use. It does ground camping as well, but not as comfortable as swinging. Fewer decisions to make initially -- only thing I added was the wide tree straps. Never a problem with knots or side sleeping. Pockets are great convenience and useful. Only difficulty is packing the whole thing into bottom rightside pocket and reversing the bundle to finish closure. Worked it out without putting on ground one very muddy morning. Glad to be aerial to some extent. I vote ClarkNA for its mosquito net, weather shield, attached tarp, pockets outside and inside. Also rings on lines keep water from dribbling down the lines and into hammock. Well thought-out. Sandy
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    Warbonnet, or Hennessy. For the money you save over buying a Clark, you can put together a SWEET setup. And comfort factor between all of them is very little difference from one to the next.

    I'm only 5'8", but am VERY broad shouldered. Moreso than many people much taller than me. With that said, shoulder squeeze hasn't been an issue in any of them I have borrowed and used.

    If I was starting over and spending money rather than using my time making my own gear, I would go with a Warbonnett Blackbird 1.0dbl (For you 1.7dbl would be needed), a MacCat Standard, and a 3/4 3 season Yeti

    Hammock $130
    Tarp $95
    3 season yeti $190

    Hennessy Safari Deluxe Asym Zip (Will accomodate the very large and has a hex tarp swap in some whoopies and setup doesn't get any easier.) - $230 add in the 3 season yeti, and you hit $420.

    Clark NX-250 is $430+ and no UQ included. Add in even a cheap UQ and you are topping $500 easily.

    I'm just sayin. Fine hammocks, but the product doesn't justify the cost difference. That's my personal opinion, otherwise HYOH.

    I'll just make my own stuff.
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