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    WTB: WBBB dbl 1.1

    Hey everyone, ready to buy my first hammock after a lot of research.... excited!!

    Looking for a Blackbird double layer 1.1
    with Adjustable webbing suspension

    I'm in Canada if that makes a difference. I need something shipped pretty fast as I've got a trip coming up in 2.5 weeks

    I'm motorcycle camping so I'll probably just put a Kelty Noah's 9 or 12 over it, weight isn't a problem. So if you've got one of those for sale too, bonus I'd love a hex tarp, but can't afford one right now.

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    Hey Skyepn! I just purchased two BB 1.1's for my girlfriend and I. She has slept in hers once and really liked it. I've had mine out three times and it's just not working for me. Guess I'm one of those rare individuals! Just got in from hanging in Hot Springs with Ed Speer and the guys. Got up at 1:00 this morning and switched out the Black Bird for my old GT Travel hammock. It's a great hammock and couldn't ask for better craftsmanship and quality, I just can't get comfortable in it. As I said, I've used mine three times but my girlfriend has only used her for one night at Mt. Rogers. I can sell you hers but I would like to get close to the price I paid of $175.00. Got to spend the day with Mom but if you're interested, we can work out the details this evening or tomorrow.

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    Thank you for your kind offer, I ended up just buying one new from Warbonnet.

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