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I have 2 Frontline and 1 Travel. I use the Travel when I hike in high altitudes where it is a risk that there ain´t no trees available. The it´s nice with a waterproof hammock. The Frontline is for use in forest because it´s breathable and no risk for condensation.

I have noticed that DD hammocks are great for backsleepers but not as great for sidesleepers. Because it´s pretty narrow it is difficult to avoid shoulder squeeze when laying on the side. DD Hammocks are supposed to hung pretty tight and that means problems when you lay on your side. I´ve tried setting it up very loose but I haven´t got it really perfect. It works but I´m not very satisfied.

Instead I´ve bought a Warbonnet Blackbird and that one works better when I´m laying on the side.

If you mostly lay on your back while sleeping DD Hammocks will work fine for you.
If you mostly lay on your side something else, like the WBBB or similar would probably work better.

But that´s only my opinion, I could be totally wrong
I 150% agree with this comment and I think it explains the hammock well