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    July Hang on the Knobstone

    Has anyone ever hiked the KNobstone in July....any pros or cons to it?
    I have through walked it in Early June, and found plenty of water.....but not so sure about July.

    Jerry the Hiker

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    Jerry, I think its pretty much dictated by the current weather situation. As of this last week I've gotten a report from the Southern 1/3rd of the trail. They are saying the creeks are flowing, some high enough to ford, and some of the lakeside trail was underwater. Imagine that.

    The stretch around 39mm or where the ATV's have torn the trail up will almost always need to be avoided after any significant recent rain. Several blow downs are still making navigation difficult for first time trail users. If you know where you are going probably no problem.

    If it were me, I'd just contact GoDeep for up to date trail conditions. Right now, if it drys up for a month or so, the situation could turn 180 degrees from present.

    Trail Conditions - Delaney to New Chapel

    Postby Terence Wed May 04, 2011 4:31 pm
    I just recently hiked a section of the KT - Delaney to New Chapel and return - Apr 27 thru May 2 - with a couple days layover at Elk Creek Lake.

    Needless to say trail very wet - creek crossings needed to be waded - trail under water in places around lakes.

    Trail blocking blow-down is my reason for communicating. Trail blocked a dozen or more places, mostly between Oxley and Leota. However, major damage around MM 39.5 (pine forest south of Mail Route Road and Delaney Park/Spurgeon Hollow Loop). Trail is gone for 30 - 50 yards due to uproots and top-offs. Campsite in pines is clearable. Obstructions are passable but taxing.

    Hope this is of help.
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