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    I built one of these using the "plans" found in the DIY forum and, while it didn't turn out exactly the same as the plans, it still turned out great. I have spent the last two nights in it and it is working great. I weigh 260lbs. My eyehooks are 6ft up, the span is 133", my suspension length is 1' 6" and my ridgeline on a skeeter beeter pro is 101".

    I built it using 8 2x4s (standard 8' length) for studs. The cheap douglas fir ones.

    4 - 1/2x8 zinc nuts/bolts with washer on each end.
    4 - 1/2x5 zinc nuts/bolts with washer on each end.

    Deck screws to hold on the legs and to hold the spacers in place.

    With this configuration I can remove the two bolts for the diagonal supports and the bolt from the bottom of one of the uprights and fold it up for "easy" transport.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hitmanx View Post
    Earplug, that looks a great design!

    I am just about to cut my first pieces of lumber for a project just like this!


    Why exactly do you believe Western Red Cedar to be unsuitable for hammock stands?

    Most projects that I have used WRC for still very much smell like WRC... Even the pergolla and arbour/gate we put in spring 2008 (this one still smells when it gets wet)

    IMO, Western Red Cedar is a superiour wood to pressure treated spruce/pine/fir...

    maybe the WRC we get up here in canada is different? Its from British Columbia...

    just my $0.02...
    You may very well get a better grade of lumber where you live. Here, it's used mostly for fencing. It's light, splits easily, and isn't something I would trust. My comment on aroma addressed eastern red cedar, which is a very different critter's not even a true cedar, but rather a juniper. Neither of them hold up in ground contact as well as pressure treated yellow pine, in my experience. YMMV.

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