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Thread: Zip/Velcro

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    Actually I've got the "classic" version of the HHED, and plan on sending off to 2QZQ soon to get a mod done for the zip entrance.

    I plan on keeping the bottom one too...useful for entering when the rain tarp is pulled down to keep the weather out, and would probably use the other when the weather was nice and had room to manuever.

    I like the idea of having both options available.

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    I have the Explorer Deluxe with the zip entry. No issues. Works great for me.

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    +1 to 2queastions if you want the best of both worlds this is the way to go
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    Couple thoughts

    I read through your post and had a couple thoughts. These are based on having lived 7 years in Ecuador and having traveled through both Peru and Bolivia on more than one occasion.

    First, trees and safety, If you are using the pan-american highway as your through road you will be traveling in a lot of places trees simple aren't. The designers of the road way were not as interested in beautiful scenes as they were the most effective place to put a highway. The pan-american crosses Ecuador in the high mountain pass between the two ridge-lines of the Andes then circles down and crosses into peru then bolivia is ether a dust bowl for hours/days or a mud bowl, depending on the season. Then add to that security and you will need to work a bit to find good safe hanging locations.

    Second, if you leave the pan-american, looking for trees, you will most likely be in bug ville. Since you are looking at HH and seem to be favoring a zip model may I suggest the Deep Jungle.

    I had the opportunity to host several bicyclists and several motorcyclists, that were doing just what you are doing, while we lived in Ecuador. They would be traveling down the pan-american and stop just outside our place along the Laguna Del Colta, just south of Riobamba, to take pictures. We would see them or one of our Quichua friends would mention the gringos that lived there and they would spend a day or two with us. Those were some great times. Have a great trip!

    Oh by the way, I had several trees inside my fenced yard that would have worked for you to sleep in but you would have been cold without under and over covers. Our house was at 11,500 feet above sea level and it got down to around 35 degrees F. every night year round. Don't know what it was about the altitude but the cold just seemed to suck the heat out at that elevation.

    Make sure you give us a report of the trip with pictures when you are done. I would love to see them.

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    I have an explorer deluxe classic that I love, but I am sending it to 2Q soon to get a zip mod. Not because I dislike the bottom entry...just to have the option of getting the bugnet out of the way. Whatever you decide enjoy!

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