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    Quote Originally Posted by canoebie View Post
    They are full length, I paddle for the most part, so weight is not an issue. I have not weighed them, but I do know compared to other options, including down they seem lighter. I also like the ease with which they can be used. Very durable. I combined my IX UQ with my 3 season Phoenix from stormcrow and took it down to below 0 and stayed toasty warm. Had foam pad under my feet.

    I think for the money, it is incredibly versatile and an easy DIY project. I did roll it several times at the head end on the TQ to make a draft tube of sorts, and sewed a foot box in it. In winter, I use the TQ for a hammock sock, hang it over the ridge line and it really increases the temps and eliminates drafts inside. I leave a little vent hole open at the head end and have had no issues with condensation.

    What I like about it paddling is that if it gets wet, it is a non issue. Hardly retains any water, just shake it off.

    It does not compress, however the warmth to weight ratio, at least from my perspective, makes it a very useful option. I also use down,
    and sometimes both together.
    Sounds great,,, Thanks for the info. I too will be making a full length... I'm all in...

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    Have fun, post some pics, I will put some pics up of mine as well. I think you will be happy with it.
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    I've made 2 IX quilts. Both 3 layers and both full lenght. Actually, that full lenght is custom sized to the user on both of my quilts. One was for me at 5foot and the other for my 6'4" husband. What we found this past winter was that, as usual, I sleep colder than he does. I had to have more, way more insulation added than just using the IX quilt. He did much better, but still needed an extra poncho liner added under the hammock. I'm waiting for our upcoming trips, with warmer temps to test to see if I can go with just the IX under quilt. I already think my husband will be fine with just this quilt. I made his longer and wider because that's what he wanted. And then I added shockcord and all he has to do is hook the ends over the end of his blackbird. Anyway that I can make set-up easy for him is always a plus. Anyways, the testing is still ongoing. Oh, we have found that the waterproofness (is that a word??) is great here in the humid south. I just camped through a weekend where the rain was falling sideways and we were in a flood warning zone. Hammock and outer quilts were dry as a bone. And what rain did splash back onto my IX quilt, didn't stay. This was a huge + for the IX. My IX quilts are covered with $1 ripstop fabric from wallmart.


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