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    My new Cuben OES with doors !!!

    I just had to post this one up.

    I'll add some pictures tonight from home. (Yes I know, But I have the proof, Just not at work)

    Yesterday my new OES Cuben 4 season tarp arrived.

    It has an 11' ridgeline, 12' long sides and is 8'8'' wide, 2 panel tieouts each side. Made from 0.74 green cuben. And of course..... cat cuts.

    Weight is 281 gram's (Just the tarp, no lines etc)

    First thing I like was the no crinkle noise, I've only ever had a OES MacCat Standard in SpinnUL and the cuben in comparison is like comparing a mylar space blanket to a silk bag liner !!!
    The cuben is soft and has almost no noise.

    The tarp pitches effortlessly thanks to a single ridgeline from whoopieslings .com and 5' tieout's on the sides with a 15' single cord each side for the two panel tie outs.
    Total weight for all the lines is 75 gram's.

    All I need to do now is add some snake skins and I'm hot to trot !!!

    Brian's bonded the ridgeline and has re-enforced the corner and end tieouts, even seam sealed the two panel tie outs each side.

    The doors are great, I can fold them back easily to have a tarp the same dimensions as a OES MacCat Deluxe or if the weather's bad just swing them in/out.
    There is a little slack on the door folds but I knew that would occur with a non stretch material, But that doesn't really matter as it's so quite (Unlike SpinnUL doors which I think would make a racket from loose material at the fold)

    It's a thing of beauty I swear it !!!

    Thanks Brian.
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    There, It's out. I said it, Ahh I feel better now

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