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    Just an evening out.

    I headed out this evening for another dinner in the boonies.

    I usually car camp with the family… big tent, full size Coleman stove, and even bigger cooler to support all of the little STinGa minions. So I am playing around with my pack and different packable meals. I am looking at short backpacking trips with my older kiddos, simple over-nighters up to about 4 days in length.

    A watched pot never boils.

    I tried out a Hormel dinner tonight. You don’t have to lug a microwave out since they can be boiled. I dropped the package into air-temp water and fired up the flame. I didn’t let the water get up to a boil, but at almost 90 degrees outside, I wasn’t looking for a super hot meal. Yummy!

    Birds, fish, and the pages being turned in my book … can’t get much better than that.

    Rain is supposed to be moving in, but the skies were still blue as could be. There were only a few clouds floating around.

    Kicking back for a moment before calling it a day.

    Until next time…
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    A nice afternoon indeed! I've noted I read more when I go out with a hammock than I ever did in tents/shelters.

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