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Thread: Tarp choice

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    Tarp choice

    Maybe I'm looking to thread the needle but I'd like to get a tarp large enough to use when I hammock yet could be used with an inner tent when I want to bring a girlfriend. Rain, cold and bugs are a reality in the Adirondacks. I will use this 3-seasons. Doors would be a plus.

    The tarps I'm considering are:

    1) ZPacks Hammock tarp with doors, $299, 6.5 oz, has doors, cuben, BUT ~8 weeks to make

    2) Warbonnet Mamajamba, 132" x 120" cat. tarp, doors attachable, $210 (camo), 13.5 oz w/o doors, 21.5 oz w/doors, silnylon.

    3) Warbonnet Superfly, 132" x 120", $155 (camo), doors attached, 19 oz, silnylon

    I'd probably get the ZPacks but the 8-week waiting period is a bummer. The Mamajamba is good because it's only 13.5 oz, is big and is inventory. The Superfly has a 5.5 oz weight penalty but the doors are attached and is available.

    Which if these makes the most sense?

    Any others you can think of with similar specs?

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    Tarp Choices

    Going by your specs, the most important, if you really want to have your girlfriend go with you more than once, requires doors. Superfly will accomplish everything you ask for and then some. Will serve for winter use for you as well. If price is an issue, one tarp for all occaisions trumps two tarps for different occaisions...Bush

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