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    Yes they are... I e-mailed Lynne yesterday about it and she said that they are working on getting this resolved. E-mail her and they will send you info/prices for what you need.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Freelancer Tex View Post
    I know they have a discount bin but its just leftover cuts. But does their patterns differ in color between swatches? Or does their stuff rip under too much pressure? Or is their fabric really even worth it?

    Im looking for something other than Joanns since the ripstop they have there is way too bright and it feels heavier ...
    I mostly have purchased blaze orange SIL-nylon seconds from OWF for pack covers, plus small amounts of other colors for making pockets and pouches, plus some plastic hardware occasionally. Great service, good prices. Well worth it.

    Note, when folks talk about Joann Fabric's rip-stop nylon, I always wonder if they know it's not sil-nylon, especially when they are comparing it to places such as OWF that sell sil-nylon. Just to make sure we're talking apples-to-apples.

    Anyway, I give OWF two thumbs up, yes.

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