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    Blackbird Amsteel knot failure

    Blackbird Amsteel knot failure:

    On the foot end of my Blackbird the Amsteel that connects to the suspension system had the knot slip and undo during a short nap.

    I took the hammock down (the rest of the way) and looked at how it all went together. I retied the amsteel with a square knot backed up by a half hitch on each end, put it all back together and gave it a short test and it seems to be holding.

    Instead of a square knot, what else could I use?

    I searched and found that splices vs knots are the way to go for strength, but with the amount of material I had to deal with, about a foot, this seemed like all I can do.

    I have been using my blackbird extensively for about a year and a half and fully happy with my lefty footbox blackbird. Usually with anything I own, I have to modify it to suit my needs, but the blackbird hadn't required any tinkering til now.

    so, how do I make a bomb proof amsteel knot/splice for my bb?
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