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Thread: Fund my WBBB!

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    Fund my WBBB!

    When hanging on my most recent trip, I realized I just plain want a bigger hammock. Just a little wider, is all. And boy, would shelves be nice. And a built in bugnet. And two layers would just do the trick.

    So, I'm selling a couple things to fund a WBBB.

    First, I have a pair of Marmot waterproof Gore-Tex pants (uninsulated), size small. I've barely used them; they're too small for me. Full side-zip. There is an abrasion on the lower leg. $75 shipped.

    Next is a High Peak Kathmandu 70+10L internal frame backpack. Since going UL I don't need such a big pack anymore. It's in good shape, but it has been used. I've put maybe 100 miles on it. Pictures available upon request. $80 shipped.

    Feel free to PM me with ?'s. Thanks for looking!
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