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Thread: Tree straps

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    Quote Originally Posted by jjthedog View Post
    Harbor Freight that appear to be the same strap with bigger, bulkier cams on them, and they carry a much higher rating.
    I think you are correct... I had noticed the same thing.
    I bet these are 1500lb straps... giving them 500lb working....
    I am 198lb so I should be ok...
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    Quote Originally Posted by timabababaluka View Post
    an easy way to remove the clips from the straps is to put two round files into them, cross them into an 'X', and simply pull the clip apart--no muss, no fuss.
    That's a great idea.

    Does anyone use the Harbor Freight straps for hammock suspension?

    And if so, what knots do you use for the straps? The same as for cords?

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnlvs2run View Post
    And if so, what knots do you use for the straps? The same as for cords?
    While they make decent huggers, I would be a little wary about using them as my full-on suspension. The dynamic tension of a hammock as you shift around can create an awful lot of stress, and the ground can get pretty hard . Knots will also significantly weaken your straps.

    By the by. When I recently purchased the H.F. straps and pulled out my round files to pry the buckles off, I found that they put some rivets on instead of the cheap welds they used previously. The method still works, and is still faster than cutting (or bashing with a hammer), but you have to put some muscle into it now (something that I don't have a lot of ).
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    the easiest way to remove the buckles

    The weakest part of the harbor freight buckle, is the bar that's under the loop.

    Push the loop out of the way, lay the buckle flat down a hard surface,
    and give the bar a hard whack or two close to one side, with a hammer and chisel.
    Turn the buckle over, give the bar another whack and it comes right off easily.
    Repeat for the other one. Total time: a few seconds and it's easy.

    I removed the threads in a few minutes with a stitch remover / seam ripper, starting at
    the very end of the webbing, after it bends around from the loop. I cut the easiest threads,
    then kept prying apart the adjoining pieces and ripping the threads in between.
    This was very quick work. After getting the end threads cut, the rest of
    the webbing came apart very easily. I would say it took about 2 minutes for each strap.

    I've ordered a quick stitch awl from ebay, that comes with 180 yards of polyester
    thread, for stitching the straps. I've not sewn straps before, and am planning to use
    a lock stitch in an X box pattern on the harbor freight webbing.

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