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    Double Underquilts

    The following is a reply from Peter Pan on White Blaze about double underquilts. Very good info:

    Doubling the quilts....

    This is an easy no brainer drill....First close the JRB Nest slit on itself thus making a rectange....Close the JRB No Sniveller head hole, if not already done...cinch all four end cords to about 14-16 inches .... attach both to the same Suspension System and run the HH tie outs through both quilt asym ladder loops ( normally the first loop for all)....


    To enter, walk up to the foot end, push both quilts down and to the left exposing the HH slit....enter, sit, lay back, and pull in the feet....The JRB quilts will return to the propper position automatically...

    The top bag will probably be the limiting factor, as this set up places 5 inches of down below the hammock sleeper... With an adequate top bag, single digits and possibly zero are doable....Last winter there were several reports of this rig, some with JRB Weather Shield and some without, going deep into the 20s....

    Testing below these experiances is best done with a bailout plan until there are actual test results in the single digits.

    JoeC....unless I'm mistaken your NS is actually a Long model....

    Long models must be placed inboard of the regular length Nest to equalize the suspension without either drwaing the Nest too tight or having an air pocket above the NS.

    Let the testing sure to report out the results....

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