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    SOLD: new 10X10 MYOG light grey silnylon tarp

    My wife and i are slowly preparing for our 2013 one year south america bicycle trip. We will sell everything including our house so we are downsizing from now.

    Here a new 10 X 10 silnylon tarp i have sewn this winter. It was designed as a multi use tarp. It could easily be used as a tall half pyramid, as a wide tarp tent, a bad weather hammock tarp and more. As much as i'd like to, i am not a tarp guy, my wife even less. At best, i would use it once or twice a year. I use my hammock a few times a year in my backyard on nice weather. This one is overkill for this.

    We have used it for one dry night very successfully in tall half pyramid mode. I have rigged it as a wide tarp tent too. It is pretty easy and give enough room for two. It works as an A frame tarp but i don’t like a big A frame tarp. I have not tested the bad weather hammock tarp mode (closed end) but it should work as i was expecting. It should give a good winter tarp. Pegging point are color coded (red for half pyramid, white for tarp tent) for faster mounting.

    It was a pretty interesting and long sewing project. My only « faux pas » is a row of 3-4 pin holes (take a look at picture on my website). A bit of seam sealant will correct this.

    Material (silnylon 2nd, D-ring, webbing, Grosgrain ribbon) cost was about 70$ from Quest Outfitters. Works was done by myself. You get the tarp, stuff sack and 4 pegs. I'd like to get 70$ + shipping.

    Right now, it is so new, it is not even seam sealed.

    More pictures

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