Had a good time this weekend with Swampsloth, Jazilla, and his brother Jeff. I finally had a chance to try out my gear for an overnight. The GrizzBridge was exceptionally comfortable. The let down was the DIY UQ that I made out of a poncho liner. It was not enough for the low of 47 we experienced Saturday night. I woke up shivering and had to walk to the truck to get another blanket and a fleece jacket. I am thankful that we camped close to the vehicles. Swampsloth not only grilled ribeyes, he brought some ribeye sausage. It was my first time to have sausage made from such a great cut of meat. It was delicious. Sunday morning we were joined by Jazilla and his brother Jeff. We did a six mile hike down the Wild Azalea Trail near Kincaid Lake. It was cool and a clear blue day. We had a great time. But most of all, I made three great new friends. Let's do it again soon fellas.