I knew it was going to be cold but I tried anyway. I had a metal hammock stand in the garage so there was no wind to speak of. The garage door had been left open (not intentional) so I started off at around 32 degrees. Got undressed in the garage and so I had an initial chill similar to what would happen in a camping situation. Time was around 10:00 pm. Here we go.

ENO - double
Blue Ozark CCF pad from wally world
15 degree slumberjack mummy bag partially unzipped to form a quilt with foot box

Inital observations:
The CCF pad (1/2") is a **** good insulator. However, I could get this thing to hold any kind of diagonal position easily. Placing it in position and then getting in resulted in the pad holding the hammock fabric "centered" and limiting my room. Shifting about in the hammock previously to move an inflatable pad (Pacific Outdoor Equipment Max-Lite 1.5) into position was a lot easier. This was probably due to the slicker outer surface and it being semi rigid.

It was around this time, after all the struggles trying to get the pad situated that I thought of Risk's Zhammock and Neo's Claytor setup. The double layering is something worh considering at this point if I wish to continue using a pad. (Sorry I had to admit that, I can just imagine Neo's posts in response! ) Something like the Speer SPE would also work I think since the outer surface is less "sticky" than the CCF pad.

The bag kept me warm and toasty. No problems there. My core temperature was in good shape.

Side Sleeping position:
I dozed off on my back and then shifted. I do this alot. It was not uncomfortable and I only had one cold spot that was remedied by stuffing some of the bag/quilt. Again, the speer style SPE would have helped this issue.

Interesting stuff:
Mt feet got cold and would not warm up. This is what finally caused me to bail to the house. The only thing that I could think of was that my feet seemed to be slightly elevated and I was not getting the circulation that I needed to keep warm. My feet were on the pad and the end of the bag was still zipped to form a box. I have slept in this bag down to 20 degrees on the ground and never had this issue. I didn't notice any condensation issues and therefore did not suspect that as being the problem.

The amont of static electricity generted was amazing. As I wiped my fingers past the nylon hammock I had sparks about a 1/4" long. Of course I immediately recognized it as a sign of my omnipotence. LOL

Bail out:
At 1:00 am, wit my feet not warming up and feeling like the rest of me was slowly cooling down to an uncomfortable point I made the decision to bail. My thermometer was up to 40 degrees. (Remember this is in a closed attached garage so that was expected.)
I may try again tonight. Any ideas or thoughts?